Employment and Career Development

Help job-seekers remove barriers to employment, attain income, and work towards self-sufficiency.



Employment specialist will work closely in identify goals, objectives, and planning needs to include:

  • employment assessment
  • job search assistance
  • research labor market
  • network with employers
  • job development and job placement
  • referrals to job fairs


Helping participants to explore career options related to job market, skills, and interest.

Career Staff will assist in:

  • initial assessment of skills and needs
  • vocational planning
  • review financial aide options




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  1. Gabriel says:

    Dear Sirs

    Need some help
    I live in Miami and need to work
    Thank you

  2. admin says:

    Please contact our center at 305-263-3259 M-F 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM.

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